At the time of registration, preference is given to those children who are baptized Catholics attending Mary Queen of Heaven Church or whose families are active participants in a Catholic church, and to siblings of present students. Parents are required to sign a Parish Affiliation form indicating the Catholic church they attend each week.

Tuition payments made after the due date are to be made by money order or cash. No extracurricular activities are offered to those who have fees due — including class trips, graduation activities, and report cards.

Each family is responsible for $250.00 in fundraising. Participation is mandatory in various school events.

Registration generally takes place during the month of February. Please contact the office at 718-763-2360 for tour and registration dates.

Registration Requirements

Application form
– Birth certificate
– Original baptismal certificate
– Utility bill showing name and address
– Copy of the immunization record
– For Grades 1-7, the most recent report card / standardized testing results
– $250 non-refundable fee in cash or money order

Without these documents, the registration will not be accepted.

You can complete an online application for your child on Option C.

Children Are Accepted in the Following Order

– Parishioners of Mary Queen of Heaven Church who are on the parish register
– Catholics from other parishes
– Siblings of present students
– Children of other faiths

Application Process Details

– Those who have produced all required information and paid the fee are considered first according to above order.
– Incomplete applications are not accepted
– Students registered for a class that has reached its limit will be placed on a waiting list.
– Applications with false or misleading information will be rejected.
– Registration Fee is only returned if we are not able to accept your child.
– We will send acceptance notices as the applications are processed.