About Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy

Our Mission

Mary Queen of Heaven is a Catholic Academy founded in 2015 and entrusted with the mission of educating students, spiritually, academically, socially and physically, placing emphasis on skills and tools necessary for success in today’s diverse society. We strive to maintain a Christlike atmosphere of respect, love and concern.

Educational Beliefs

  1. Our Christ-like atmosphere of respect, love and concern becomes the framework for our instructional programs.
  2. Education is the shared responsibility of the school, the governing authority, students, family and community.
  3. A core of common values and ethical conduct are fundamental to sustaining our society.
  4. We aim to equip our students with concepts and skills necessary to become productive members of society.
  5. All children have a right to safety, love and learning.
  6. Understanding and appreciation of diversity are critical to world peace and harmony.
  7. Self-esteem is directly related to success.
  8. Our teachers are positive role models, who encourage their students to develop mutual respect, honesty and responsibility.
  9. Excellence is achievable and always worth the investment.
  10. An open-door policy, especially for faculty, parents fosters good communication.