Early Morning and After School

The Early Morning program, which runs from 7:30-8:00am, is $10. For PreK 3- and 4-year-old classes, the program runs from 7:30-8:20am and is $20.00.

The After School program runs from 2:30-6:00pm and is open to any student from Pre-K3 to 8th Grade. The cost is $150 per week or $60 per day for one child; $200 per week and $80 per day for two siblings or more. Download the registration form.


The academic curriculum at Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy is designed at each progressive grade level to prepare the students for their future studies. Faculty continuously research new methods and resources to ensure that the State and Diocesan curricula are applied with updated methods and techniques. The development of the whole person is always a matter of on-going concern within the framework of the academic program and learning process. Therefore, the curriculum includes both cognitive and affective aspects of academic growth.

MQHCA recognizes students multiple intelligences and tries to adapt its curriculum so that instruction is differentiated for their needs. However, each student is expected to perform to the best of his/her ability. Failure to achieve a passing grade at the end of the year in the major subjects of Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts can result in a summer school obligation. This applies to the possible delay of graduation until the students requirements are satisfied.

Parents will be notified if a child is in danger of failing one or more subjects. If there is consideration of a childs retention, a conference with the parent will be requested at the end of the second trimester.

Standardized Test Scores
Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy strives for academic excellence in all areas. As you can see here, our students scored higher in the mandatory standardized tests, than their peers throughout New York City and New York State. We are very proud of our students.

Early Childhood Development
We strive at MQHCA to create a cohesive learning experience for our early learners. Our program builds a bridge from Pre-K to Kindergarten to first grade, so that each level’s activities touch upon those that came before and those that will follow. During the day, 90 minutes is set aside for reading, spelling, vocabulary and other reading-related activities. In this way, our early childhood curriculum offers the strongest possible foundation for the academic challenges of the grades to come.


Band: Every Wednesday groups of children meet with the teachers from the Paul Effmann Music Company. This is a separate program for which MQH provides space. Children in grades 3-8 are eligible. (click for the current band schedule)

Tech Team: is composed of students in grades 5-8 led by Mrs. Griffo. They are responsible for keeping all our computers in fine repair.

Photography Team: is responsible for taking pictures at special events led by Mrs. Griffo. 

Decorating Committee: is involved in making our windows a source of beauty in the neighborhood. The children give up their recess time to create and hang seasonal decorations led by Mrs. Garcia.

Contests: are a major part of life at MQHCA. In addition to our own contests, Quiz Bowl, Religion Bee, Math Bees, we have the children enter all the contests established by the Catholic War Veterans poster, essay and coloring. In the past we have been fortunate to have our children win in all categories including the National level.


Religion is taught every day in all grades at MQHCA.  The non-Catholic student is always welcome at our school. These students are expected to understand and agree that the school exists to educate in the framework of Catholic values. Non-Catholic students must participate in Religion classes and liturgical services scheduled for students during the school year.

Participation in the Liturgy is a means of making faith more meaningful to our children. Mass on the First Friday of each month enables them to develop a better understanding of this treasured faith tradition by becoming actively involved in its celebration. Special prayer services are held on a monthly basis. Parents are invited to attend all of the above.

Parents are obligated to do their part by attending Sunday Mass with their children to offer good example and create a faith filled family.